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How many days do you run a sale?

Estate sales run anywhere from 1-4 days, depending on quality and volume of merchandise.

How do you price items?

Summit Estate Sales has been involved with antique and collectibles, along with conducting estate sales for several years and we understand what the market will bring depending on location, time of year, condition, and other factors. When needed, we utilize specialists to determine to assist with pricing.  Keep in mind the more money we make for you the more commission is paid to us so we do everything we can to get top dollar for your items.

What do you charge to run an estate sale-is there an upfront fee?

We charge a straight commission-this percentage basis based upon several factors: location, condition of the premises, merchandise in the home, etc.  There is NEVER an upfront fee.  Commission-only payment keeps our staff motivated to sell as much so we can make as much as we can.  The only extra charge might be if there is the need for a dumpster or clean-out service.

What do we do with those items that didn’t sell?

We’re here for you from beginning to end.  Remember, any unsold items still belong to you.  We will recommend auctioneers, liquidators, ebayists, and charity organizations that will assist with emptying your home. We do not operate any antique shop so there is no conflict of interest.

How do you promote your sales?

Summit Estate Sales promotes your estate sale online utilizing our website, along with other estate sale sites, along with emails and Facebook.  We also advertise in local newspapers for everyone who likes to read their paper when they drink their morning coffee.  Directional signage with our bright green color helps flag passerbys to come on in! 

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, personal check with ID, and Mastercard, Visa, and Discover with ID and purchase minimum of $20.

Can I buy something before you open? Can you tell me how much an item is priced?

Summit Estate Sales understands that for both dealers and collectors your time is valuable and competition fierce.  Limited Entry will be observed when neccessary, as well as honoring the tried-and-true marker system-so come early and guard your markers!  Being early can have its rewards.  We endeavor to post numerous photos and descriptions to accurately and honestly showcase the collectibles available for purchase at each sale.  NO EARLY SALES ALLOWED!  It’s frustrating to be the first person inside and the items you’ve waited 3 hours for in a cramped car was marked “SOLD” the night before.  Our Policy is Equal Purchasing Opportunity for All-No Previews, No PrePricing, No PreSales.   

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