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…A critical step in selecting a professional estate sale company starts with evaluating the qualifications and background of the prospective estate sale agent and staff.  Please allow us to introduce ourselves to you, a resume of lifetime endeavor for customer representation and satisfaction, on this page.  Although we have added a few personal insights in this section, our goal will always be to maximize your estate sale profits, while offering our clients the highest level of respect, dignity, and trust.

Patrick Seeley- Even as a child at the mere age of 8, Pat thrived on his marketing intuition by enterprising his produce business selling cherry tomatoes for a quarter a basket to his hometown Safeway store in Warrensburg, Missouri.  Antiques and collectibles became second nature to Pat at an early age, due in art to his Dad’s adventures as an antique gas engine and gun collector.  Weekends for the Seeley’s (at least for the men folk) were spent in “hog heaven” attending multiple auction rings in determination to see if the struts on their station wagon could withstand 2 ton loads.  Needless to say, and partially due to protesting mothers and community yard keepers (hygienists), Pat and his family vacated the peaceful neighborly surroundings of residential Warrensburg and made refuge on a 50 acre plot of clay bottom land 8 miles North of Leeton, MO.  Throughout his teenage years when most young men develop a fascination for cars and other things…Pat would spend all of this spare time digging bottles, relic/treasure hunting, and perfecting his marketing skills at the local Chamber of Commerce Antique/Flea market back in Warrensburg.  Saturday nights when social functions were fair game, young Seeley would be returning home late displaying his days’ discoveries with jubilation, usually with a mild case of frostbite or with a couple of ticks as company.  Antique/collectible restoration and researching became Pat’s second schooling due in part again to his Dad’s high standards of collecting:  “collecting is 1% ownership and 99% knowledge/preservation of what you’re collecting,” and in accordance to his infamous hunting values, “whatever you kill you must clean”-Or in cases of collecting, “whatever you find you must restore.”…Thanks for taking the time to read a little about Pat’s past.  In dedication to his lifetime passion of collecting and selling, we’ve included a few highlights about his “professional” background:

  • B.S.B.A Degree in Marketing from Central Missouri State University.
  • 10 Year career as a Senior District Manager for American Dairy Queen, Inc., representing over 200 restaurants in eight states.
  • 10 Year career as a V.P. of Operations/Marketing for Premier Pyrotechnics, Inc.
  • Antique Store Owner throughout the 1990′s-Silk Stocking Lane Antique Mall in Ash Grove, MO
  • Professional Antique Dealer since 1987.
  • Ebay and Ebay Power Seller since 1998.

Personal Endeavors Include:  Proud Parent of 2 fine sons.  Former Club Editor of the Heart of America Postcard Club, Committee representative with a local Boy Scouts Troop (holding the rank of Eagle Scout), Children’s Miracle Network Telethon Volunteer during his tenure with American Dairy Queen, Inc.  With over 40 years of experience as a professional marketing and business manager and antique dealer, my dedication is my lifetime passion when dealing with your estate sale needs…with kind regards-Pat Seeley.


Why consider Summit Estate Sales to conduct your sale?

Estate Sale Integrity – Summit Estate Sales is a licensed, bonded, and insured professional estate sale company covering the Kansas and Missouri KC Metro area that makes your estate sale our top priority.  The estate sale business is our only business-we are not affiliated with any other resale business operations as we feel this is a conflict of interest.  Our straight commission policy covers all usual sale operations (including vast photo gallery, internet and newspaper advertising, emails, and directional signage) – no surprises.

Operations Policy – No restrictions of client representation during the estate sale operations.  As appointed selling agent of your personal property, we feel you have the right as a client to oversee our representation of the care and sale of your personal property.  Our open-door policy insures that the family is both comfortable and well-appraised of how successful the sale is progressing-even if family is out of state.  Summit provides full turn-key service beginning with a no cost/no obligation consultation, then the staging, researching, and pricing of items; advertising promotion of sale, and post-sale follow-up.  We’re here for you throughout the entire estate sale process. 

Honesty Policy/Client References – Upon request, Summit Estate Sales will provide client referrals from earlier sales, as well as special testimonial references regarding unforeseen and overlooked monetary and heirloom finds that were returned to the rightful owners.  We pride ourselves in integrity and honesty to both our clients and to the estate sale community. 

Professional Staffing – Our core staff with decades of combined experience are highly regarded as some of the friendliest and most helpful entourages in the Kansas City area.  Due to being seasoned in both service and product knowledge, they provide diligent work on staging, researching and pricing your personal property.  During your sale, proper staff representation will monitor and assist customers throughout your home.  Added care is taken regarding the moving out of furniture and appliances-our staff treats your home with the same respect as their own.

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