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Thank you so much for your hard work on our estate sale.  You and your crew did a great job;  the results greatly exceeded my expectations.  If you ever need a testimonial, I would be glad to give you a recommendation.  And I might even help you out in a pinch, although I would not want to work every week as hard as you folks do.  Thanks again.

Bob S. Independence, MO
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It happened again…we go to a potential estate sale consultation and the family is already working on their second dumpster (to clear out the “trash”).  Yikes!  Please, please, please DON’T THROW ANYTHING OUT-wait for the estate sale people to walk thru first!  Sadly, the main value of these sales are often unknowingly discarded like my leftover green bean casserole, and balance of items left aren’t enough to have a truly successful sale.  Thinking about having an estate sale for you or your family?  Call Summit Estate Sales at 816-694-6824 today to schedule your FREE Consultation.  

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