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We obviously were both very pleased with the handling of the first estate sale (Nov. 2007), which was our first experience with having a sale, and was a living estate sale for our Mother,  so had emotion attached.  We really appreciated the very thoughtful way that you ask permission to look at, view, go through, etc. all the items.  You both were so very considerate of the fact that we were going thru out lives from birth to today & that it was an emotional time for us both, and believe me, that was so appreciated by both Clara & I.  You helped guide us thru the process & were always there to answer questions.  We were both very impressed by the research you do to help determine value and set prices.  And the advice you provided as far as the best way to sell items, was correct.  We both were obviously so hapy with your service that when the situation arose with our Uncle's passing in March 2008 & therefore having another estate to liquidate, we had no hesitation in giving Summit Estate Sales a call to help us out once again.  We really do appreciate the thoughtfulness and caring that you take handling the property for sale, as well as the house and grounds, the traffic flow for the sale, etc.  We feel like you truly cared about us, our situation, and also our property, it wasn't just purely a monetary transaction.  We liked being able to visit during the sale if we so chose.  Thanks very much again for your caring!

Nancy B. Children's Mercy Hospital
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Turkey time is almost here-stock up on paper plates & cups(or even better-classic Corelle dinnerware so you can lessen what ends up in the landfill) for all your guests this Thanksgiving.  Remember, Christmas dinners are just around the corner!

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