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Thank you so much for your hard work on our estate sale.  You and your crew did a great job;  the results greatly exceeded my expectations.  If you ever need a testimonial, I would be glad to give you a recommendation.  And I might even help you out in a pinch, although I would not want to work every week as hard as you folks do.  Thanks again.

Bob S. Independence, MO
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Shopping an Estate Sale Tips

To all of those wonderful glass collectors out there-when you see a notice regarding specialty glassware at a sale whose company you are not familiar with, it never hurts to check with that company if you can bring in your own boxes, bags, and wrap for shopping & packing purposes.  Quite often (if space & policy permits) they will let you do so, but since each sale and company is different it helps to ask ahead of time.  When you attend (and buy at) company sales on a regular basis these companies get to know you and want you to buy more…when it comes to those fine and delicate collectibles, they certainly want to make sure you get your items home safely (and then come back next day for more!).    

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