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April 2019 – January 2020

Days of Yesteryear at Lee’s Summit Estate Sale-Coca Cola Machine, Vintage Collectibles, Primitives,Toys, Cement Mixer, Construction & Plumbing Tools & Supplies Click Here and Scroll Down for Details and Photos!
Apr 25 @ 10:00 am – Apr 28 @ 3:00 pm

Go back to the days of yesteryear at this fabulous Lee’s Summit Estate Sale on April 25th-28th.  Extraordinary accumulation-Coca Cola Machine, Farm Primitives, Chicken Feeder/Waterers, Vintage Collectibles, Paper Ephemera, Shop with so many Tools for Construction-Plumbing-Cement-Garage(even a Cement Mixer & Flatbed Trailer) …well, let’s just say there will be plenty of layers to explore!  Limited Entry will be Observed.  Scroll down to view our ever expanding photo gallery!  

Vintage Coca-Cola Vendo 23 Spin Top Machine for 8 oz Coke glass bottles.  Model # A23B5K, Serial # A20411017-1  What a great fine for your man cave!  Your guests can help themselves (for only 1 thin dime) to a variety of liquid refreshment-so Imagine making back the money you lost to your poker buddies coming back to you in dimes!  I believe this machine is the Deluxe version as it features a chrome knob (similar to a lemon juicer) that turned the spin lid after you deposited your coin.  Marked with “Coca Cola” and “Have A Coke” lettering.  Lower storage area for your empties-there is even a case of empty bottles to get you started!  

Coke Collectibles:

  • 1950s Red “Drink Coca-Cola Sign of Good Taste” Advertising 16″ Button Sign
  • Vintage aluminum 6-bottle carrier, Bottle Openers, Ink Blotter
  • 1958 Fishtail Robertson Coca-Cola erasable Sign Fishing Drink Tray
  • Royals 1985 Championship Bottle, 
  • Stand-Up Coca-Cola Christmas Santas-Santa, Santa with Elves, Santa & Dog
  • Coca Cola cases with empty bottles

“Drink Cleo Cola For Goodness Sake”  Cleo Cola large empty advertising storage drum for their concentrated syrup “A Delicious Concoction of pure caramel color, Kola nut flavor, fruit flavors, Caffeine, Spices” sounds yummy 

Vintage Pottery Crock Items from the Farm! 

  • Jugs, Pitchers, Mixing & Nesting Bowls
  • Brown Butter Churn with Lid & Dasher
  • Stoneware Crock Canning Jar (Bail Lids & Screw Tops), more 


  • “Stone Mason Fruit Jar” Red Wing, Minn
  • “Wyandotte Commission Co. Buys Poultry Kansas City, KS” crock Chicken Waterer
  • “WESTKO BUTTER MILK FEEDER and POULTRY WATERER.  This Fountain is made for a Butter Milk Feeder or Waterer.  Acid in Butter Milk will not effect the glazing, therefore no Poultry will be POISONED.  Always Sanitary” crock bird feeder/waterer
  • “Blue Band Sanitary Poultry Buttermilk Feeder Non-Corrosive” chicken feeder

Vintage Kitchenware Galore! 

  • Local Kansas City Area Milk Bottles (Country Club Dairy, Roberts, Meyers, Allvine)
  • Wood Kitchenware (bowls, spoons, rolling pins, scoop, pestle, butter paddle)
  • Red Handle Kitchen Utensils, Cheery Milkglass Egg Cups, Red Juice Glasses
  • Old Advertising Lard, Sorgham, and Pork Brains Containers
  • Vintage Pyrex “Colonial Mist” Cinderella Nesting Bowls Set 

Where else are you going to find a “From the Rexall Store”  Apothecary Medicine Leech Fish Bowl?  In the 1930s-40s your local Rexall Pharmacy could sell you an old school homeopathic remedy-Leeches!  This bowl was used transport them to apply in the privacy of your own home.  Could also serve as a candy dish for your guests-great conversation starter.

Vintage Collectibles & Primitives Galore!

  • Laundry Items-galvanized Family Mop Wringer, old Oxodol Soap adv crate board, boxes of cleaning detergent (Oxydol, Dexol, Bab-O), box wood clothes line pins, Kurly Kate scrubber, more
  • Vintage Figural Wall String Holders
  • Vintage wood boxes from Cheese to Ammunition
  • Old Sleds, Child’s Pull Sleigh, Flexible Flyer blue metal Saucer Sled with decal
  • Straight Razors, Barber Items
  • Dick Tracy Big Little Books (1935 Larceny Lu, 1936 Chains of Crime, Yogee Yamma, 1967 Encounters Facey), 1970s Comic Books
  • “Coal Is Cash-Will Win the War” framed war rationing sign

Vintage Kids Toys!  Walt Disney Productions Mickey Mouse Activity Blackboard Easel, old Game Boards, Card Games, Marbles, Gumball Machine, Spinning Top, Cass Knee Action Rol-A Way Flatbed Semi Log Truck, Wyandotte Auto Transport Car Carrier Truck, Children’s Wheel Barrow, Raggedy Ann & Andy, Checkers, Dominos, much more

Vintage Pottery & Glassware:

  • Vintage Rubber Tire Advertising Ash Trays (many with their original advertising glass trays), Including 1935 CALIFORNIA PACIFIC International Exposition World’s Fair Firestone embossed marigold ash tray & Firestone Tire 
  • Homer Laughlin marked WW (William Wells) Blue Ball Pitcher
  • Turquoise FIESTA-Water Pitcher, Cream & Sugar w/ Tray

TOOLS!  From Practical New to Classic Collectible:

  • Construction–Plumbing-Concrete-Garage Tools & Equipment 
  • Hardware & Supplies for Construction & Plumbing
  • Tool Boxes, Military Ammo Cases
  • Vintage Wood Plug Tool, other tools from the Past
  • Old Mobil & MFA 5 gal Oil Cans, Phillips 66 Trop-Artic Motor Oil protective garage guard
  • NIB Ashcroft Durogauges, Vacuum Pressure Gauge, Motor Analyzer (by T & H Mfg Co-KCMO), Union Carbide Welding Gauges
  • Vintage wood truck dollys, Wagon Wheels, old Pulleys & Hardware

CEMENT MIXER-Cement Mixer on wheels 

 FLATBED TRAILER:  Single Axle homemade light duty Trailer with All Steel Body (No Title)-perfect for transporting lawn mowers.

Decor & Home Wares:

  • Collector Circus Plates with Certificates
  • Variety of Snow People, Christmas Decor
  • Office Supplies, L-Shape Office Desk
  • Lots of Advertising Ball Caps

…So much more not listed, Scroll down to view photo gallery!


Thursday            9am-4pm          Full Price & Bids

Friday                 9am-3pm          25% Off & Bids

Saturday            9am-3pm          50% Off

Sunday               10am-3pm        66% Off

Count Your Blessings this Thanksgiving Holiday!
Nov 28 @ 12:00 am – 11:45 pm

Count Your Blessings while Counting Calories this Thanksgiving!

Shop your local Small Businesses this Saturday!
Nov 30 @ 12:00 am – 11:45 pm

Strengthen your local economy buy shopping at your local small businesses this Saturday!  

Wow! Warrensburg, MO Estate Sale-Jukeboxes, Records, Stage Lighting, Car, Truck, Shed, Vintage Furnishings & Collectibles!
Dec 5 @ 9:00 am – Dec 8 @ 4:00 pm

Wonderful Warrensburg, MO estate sale on Dec. 5th-8th…prepare to be amazed at this incredible selection of Vintage Juke Boxes, Vinyl Records (45s, 33s, 78s LPs), Variety of Stage Lighting, Vintage Car, Toyota Truck, Vintage Furniture, Original Artwork, Appliances, Power & Hand Tools, Books & Paper Ephemera, Glassware & Pottery, Household Items.  Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4pm, Saturday 9am-3pm, Sunday 9am-2pm.  No PreViews, No PrePricing, No PreSales.    

Vehicles:  Both have good titles, but no test drives allowed.  Taking Bids on Vehicles throughout sale.

  • Automobile:  1964 Lincoln Continental Sedan with “Coach Doors”.  Previously owned by none other than Kansas City Mayor Mr. Ilus W. Davis (KC Mayor from 1963-1971), and still have a small plaque with his name on it.  This beauty has been sitting pretty and tarp protected for several years-just needs a knowing and loving hand to bring her back to her former glory.  Coach Doors have definitely become popular with Lincoln’s recent limited production of new Continentals featuring these classic doors, but they don’t have what she has-Original Suicide Doors, those fab but not flashy tail fins, chrome grill, roomy interior, and the line and design that will attract everyone’s attention be it at your local market or car show. 
  • Truck:  1999 Toyota Tacoma Pickup Truck with Access Cab.  Great utility truck starts right up and is tailor made for your work or play requirements-from carpooling duties with the cab, bringing your tool work box to the work site, or hauling your scout troop camping equipment or fishing gear in the lined truck bed.   

Surround your work or home space with classic sounds played on these jumping Jukeboxes:

  • Seeburg Select-O-Matic 100 Model M100BL 1951 Juke Box.  “The World’s First Commercial Mechanism Designed Exclusively to Play 45 rpm Records”.  6 Plays Quarter, 2 Plays Dime, 1 Play Nickel.  
  • Wurlitzer Stereophonic Multi-Selector Phonograph Model 2310S 1959 Juke Box.  7 Plays Half Dollar, 3 Plays Quarter, 1 Play Dime.
  • Rock-Ola Juke Box from Wall Mount Series? with Factory Stand Model #1464 late 1950s JukeBox.
  • Colorful Rock-Ola RMC Jukebox Model 1426 Series F Juke Box from 1947.
  • “Music for You” AMI Jukebox Model D-80 Automatic Musical Instruments(80 Selections) Juke Box from early 1950s.
  • Very Vintage Wurlitzer Deco Jukebox Model 600 Juke Box from 1939.
  • Plus, huge selection of 45s to stock your own jukebox!
  • Jukebox & Electronic Parts

Storage Shed:  Derksen 9 x 12 sq ft well-maintained, clean Shed-taking bids thru Saturday.

 Variety of Vintage Music Makers-Victrola/Phonograph/Record Player/Turntable:

  • Victrola 78 Record Player Model VV-XIV by Victor Talking Machine Company and sold by Jenkins Sons Music Company with wind-up crank, built-in speaker, cabinet key, and housed in an elegant mahogany cabinet.
  • Vintage Brunswick 78 Record Player Model Sharon in Cabinet with wind-up crank and built-in speaker. 
  • 1950s Entertainment Console with Farnsworth AM/FM Radio and Garrard automatic Record Player Model RC-80M with built-in Speaker and Record Cabinet.
  • Vintage-Antique Countertop Record Players-Califone 145k, Silverton 6071, Others
  • Victor VV-IX Counter Phonograph Record Player AI

Vinyls, LPs, Records (Here’s Just a Taste of Artists):

  • 45 Records-Beatles, Men Without Hats, Glenn Miller, Frank/Nancy Sinatra, Spanky & the Gang, Bonnie Tyler, Billy Preston, Paul Simon, The Turtles, Boston, Byrds, James Brown, The Marvelettes, ZZ Top, Seven League Boots, The Leonards, Gloria Estefan, Boomtown Rats, Rod Stewart…
  • 78 Records-Earl Robinson, Jane Froman, Vernon Delhart, Ted Lewis Jazz Band, Ruth Wallis, Jimmy Dorsey, Judy Garland…
  • 33 LPs-Elvis Costello, Duke Ellington, Edith Piaf, Cher, Doris Day, Taj Mahal, Everly Brothers, Arlo & Woody Guthrie, Kingston Trio, Roy Clark, Bermuda Strollers, Doug Sahm…
  • Wax Cylinder Records 
  • Electronic Keyboard
  • Wood “RECORD SHOP” Display Sign

All the World’s a Stage, and all the Men and Women merely Players…Stage Lighting, AV Equipment and Electronics!

  • Awesome Strong Trouper Type 51000-4 Spotlight Optical System with Color Filters
  • Fantastic Strong Trouper Type 48000-7 Projection Arc Lamp (type often used in Stadiums, Concert Stages, and Special Events)
  • Lots of Spot/Stage Lights, Light Systems and Equipment, Capital Stage Lights
  • Think outside the box, create a true home theatre room with authentic stage theatrical lighting repurposed for stylish decorative accents
  • Stage Crafts & Lighting Manuals & Books  “The novel is a whisper, the stage is a shout” Robert McKee
  • Reco/Reynolds Electrical Flasher Motor for Signs
  • Vintage Traffic 2 Color Light by Econolite-made for only Red & Green (before yellow caution became the norm)
  • Audio Visual Sound Light Equipment, Industrial Cords
  • Sylvania D4S/D9V/BHC 120 V Tungsten Halogen Projector Bulbs
  • RCA Radiotron, Viking, Sylvania Vacuum Tubes
  • Lot Vintage Radio Tubes and Electron Tubes
  • Early Ohmite Little Devils Resistors Storage Cabinet
  • IRC Resistor Cabinet 
  • Griswold Film Splicer Jr 8/16 mm
  • Movie Projector Lenses:
    • Charles Beseler 12.5″ E.F. Series III
    • Charles Beseler 12.5″ E.F.
    • Charles Beseler 18″ E.F. Series III
    • Singer Education Systems Lens 5″ f3.2
    • Lot Optical/Convex/etc Ind. Lenses
    • Lot 12 Projection Lens-various brands
  • Keystone Moviegraph-Hand Crank Type
  • Victrola No. 2 Reproducer with Arm
  • Artistic School of Hair Design-Richard and Joseph Advertising Case 
  • Microphone-Electro Voice RE20 Mic
  • Altman 8″ Steel Quartz Focusing Fresnel Stage Light
  • TASCAM PA-20B Block Diagram
  • Elco 955 Capacitor Testers (2)
  • Heathkit Capacitor Tester
  • Standard Electric Prod. Co. 2500 BU Transformers (3)
  • NRI Professional Model 71 Tube Tester
  • HTS-210-24 Transformers
  • Fostex MR-8MKII Digital 8 Track
  • Audio Source M-AMP102VS


  • Vintage Ten-Q Radio Advertising Pin-Up Girl
  • Stained Glass Pattern Window (beautiful for Entry Door) Taking Bids
  • Awesome Seikosha Pendulum Wall Clock embellished with Abalone Insets
  • Vintage Post Cards and Paper Ephemera
  • Large Book selection of Library Literary Classics (Sets:  Mark Twain, Shakespeare, Leather Bound Charles Dickens, Leather Bound 1831 Enclopaedia Encyclopedia Americana, Little Journeys Memorial Edition Set by Elbert Hubbard, 13 vol set “Real America in Romance, more), 1845 Nortons Astronomy (with star map), Shepherd of the Hills, Stage Craft and Lighting Manuals, Theater Arts
  • “The Day America’s Music Went Bye” by John Lewis Wilson (yes, that John Wilson, Warrensburg native and our creative client)
  • “Whispering Waters-Tales and Stories of Old Linn Creek” Famous Lost Town of Missouri as told by those who were there!  DVD produced and directed by John Lewis Wilson (no end to his talents).  “The old town of Linn Creek lies there in the deep.  And Nonsuch and Wayham and Purvis so sleep. And Gladstone and Iron Town their company keep.  The old town of Linn Creek lies there in the deep.”  The Ozark Documentary 10 years in the making, with Interactive Menu.
  • Striking Tabletop Lamps
  • Farm Primitive Lightning Rod with Purple Glass Globe
  • 1950s Erector Sets-7 1/2 Engineers, 6 1/2 100 Toys in One, 6 1/2 w/ Reversing Electric Engine
  • Two Magic Lanterns with 6 Antique Glass Pictorial Slides
  • Lithic Spear Point lodged in driftwood display
  • Unique Glass Insulators-Diamond m blue/Olive Green, B & E Repro No. 1 Cobalt Blue, Pleated pat. Sept 19, 1899
  • Old Missouri MO License Plate 1938
  • Antique Skeleton Key Lot
  • 6 piece Antique Split Bamboo Fishing Rod with Holder and Canvas Case
  • Sweep Stakes Tobacco Tin Press Plate
  • Peerless Biscuit Company large wood Advertising Box
  • Classic Warnsburg Lard large Tin by Roseland Meats Sedalia, MO

Functional yet Fabulous Furniture:

  • Charming Robert Keith (Kansas City, MO) Vintage Bedroom Set:  Full Size Bed, Chest, Trousseau Trunk with inner shelf, Correspondence Desk-all painted yellow with floral embellishments)
  • Jenny Lind Bed with Mattress
  • Kidney Desk by Johnson-Handley-Johnson of Grand Rapids, MI
  • Wolverine Arts & Crafts Desk
  • Lowboy Dressers, Gentleman Wardrobe Cabinet
  • Chest of Drawers, Cedar Chest
  • Vintage Side Chairs-Singles and Sets
  • Mission Style Desks

Power & Hand Tools, Hardware

  • Delta Table Saw
  • Central Machinery Tabletop 5-Speed Drill Press
  • Power Tools
  • Hand Tools for Shop, Home, and Lawn
  • Lawn Mower
  • Heaps of Hardware
  • lots Industrial wire cords and scrap metals
  • Extension and Step Ladders

Home Wares and Decor:

  • World Globes-great for history homeschooling and home styling
  • Christmas Lights and Ornaments, Noma Christmas Bubble Lite Sets
  • Kitchen Appliances:  white SxS Refrigerator, 1 pc Oven/Stove/Range
  • Laundry Appliances:  white Washer & Dryer
  • Vintage “Harlequin” Dinnerware (Fiesta Style) by Homer Laughlin
  • Vintage Butterscotch Bakelite Flatware found tucked in a picnic suitcase
  • Vintage Stereoview Viewer & Cards
  • Russian Brass Samovar
  • Brass Curio Accents
  • Beautiful Mirrors and Framed Eclectic Artwork
  • Old Bottles, Oil Lamps, Metal Kerosene Lamp Base
  • And So Much More!  Scroll Down to View Photo Gallery!
Packed 5-Day South Kansas City-Collectibles-Tools-Primitives-Vintage Furniture-Appliances Estate Sale Click Here For Details!
Dec 13 @ 11:00 am – Dec 17 @ 3:00 pm

Floor to Ceiling Estate Sale with House and Two sets of Out-Buildings packed full of wide variety of items including Fishing Rods & Reels, Tools & Tool Chests, Primitives, Chandeliers, Crocks, Art Pottery, Vintage Collectibles, Quality Furniture and more!  Friday 11am-3pm, Saturday-Sunday 9am-4pm, Monday-Tuesday 11am-3pm.  Note that the directions posted day before sale are the ones to follow for access to field parking-please obey all our traffic signs-Thanks.


  • Primitive “S.E. Seglers Sons African Java Roaster Coffee” Wood Advertising Shipping Bin
  • Elegant Equine Horse Figurines for the Equestrian Collectors
  • A Bounty of Baskets
  • Bossons Character Wall Hangers
  • Collection of Dog Figures
  • Lightning Rod Weather Vane with Arrow Wind Indicator and White Glass Globe
  • Vintage Crocks and Jugs
  • Vintage Canning & Fruit Jars
  • Crock Bowls
  • Salt Glaze Pitchers
  • Collection of Toby Character Pitchers and Mugs with lots of Personality
  • Vintage China
  • Hull Cornucopia Art Pottery Vase
  • Early Cut and Pressed Glassware
  • Vintage Kitchen Mantle Clock
  • Oil & Kerosene Lamps
  • SpongeWare
  • Antique Stained Glass Door
  • Wood Advertising Boxes
  • Graniteware
  • Pewter Serving Items
  • Bird Cage on Stand
  • Framed Artwork 
  • Stained Glass Window
  • Antique Cast Iron Ornate Heater 
  • Vintage Metal Ornate Hardware Hooks, Drawer Pulls, Door Knobs
  • Clocks-Pabst Beer Advertising Wall Pendulum Clock, F.D.R. Franklin Roosevelt “The Man of the Hour” table clock, Black Forest Cuckoo wall clock
  • Repurposed U.S. Post Office Bank


  • Please note that the Bison Tractor has been removed from sale by owner.
  • Generator 5000
  • Air Compressor
  • Power Tools
  • Like-New Craftsman Tool Chest on Chest
  • Hand Tools
  • Powerful 8 hp Wood Chipper
  • Yard Tools, Ladders
  • Old dove-tailed wood Carpenter’s Tool Chest (no tools included)


  • Antique Pie Safe Cupboard
  • Unusual Drop Front Secretary Curio Cabinet
  • Carved Chest
  • Ornate Brass Frame Bed
  • Vintage 4-Post Pencil Bed
  • Vintage Dining Room Furniture-Buffet Server, Dining Table & Chairs
  • Antique Breakfront 


  • Fishing Rods & Reels, Tackle Box, Fishing Tackle
  • Matching White Kenmore Front-Load Washer & Dryer with Pedestal Stands
  • White Whirlpool Bottom Freezer Refrigerator
  • Upright Freezer
  • Cook & Bake Ware
  • Original “Peanuts” Peanut Dispenser
  • Kitchenware
  • Women’s & Men’s Clothing
  • Costume Jewelry
  • New to Vintage Linens, Pillow, Textiles
  • Cute and Cuddly Bears, Rocking Horses
  • Clean Household Items
Happy Hanukkah!
Dec 22 @ 6:00 pm – Dec 30 @ 11:45 pm

Happy Hanukkah Season!

Merry Christmas!
Dec 25 @ 12:00 am – 11:45 pm

Merry Christmas!

Say Good-Bye to 2019…
Dec 31 @ 6:00 pm – 11:45 pm

Wave auld lang syne to 2019…

Give a Toast to the New Year!
Jan 1 @ 12:00 am – 11:45 pm

A Toast to the New Year!

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