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April 2015 – April 2019

Incredible Firearms Sale in Independence- Firearms (MO Residents & FFL Holders Only), Edged Weapons
Apr 23 @ 9:00 am – Apr 25 @ 4:00 pm

Incredible Independence Firearms Sale on April 23rd-24th-25th.  Missouri Residents & Federal Firearms Licensee Holders over the age of 18 only for Firearm Purchases.  Limited Entry. 


Thursday          9am-4pm        Full Price & Bids

Friday               9am-4pm         15% Off

Saturday          9am-2pm         30% Off

Missouri Residents and FFL Holders-Do Not Miss This Sale!  Please note that due to the subject matter of this specialized weaponry sale children under the age of 18 will not be allowed, firearm sales limited to MO Residents & Federal Firearm Licensees (FFL).  No concealed or unconcealed Firearms will be allowed inside this private residence.  Very Limited Entry will be observed.   House is occupied, so please be respectful of residents-thank you.  

Sports & Hunting Knife Collection:

  • Knives of Alaska:  Stag Skinning & Cub Knife Combo
  • Murrs (Keith Murr):  94 & 99 
  • Gerbers: 154 cm Gut Hook Gater Fixed, Drop Point Plain, and Model 06950 Gator Folding, 600, 400
  • Bucks:  Models 603, 112  
  • Pumas:  IP 814000 Stag and Catamount Stag SGB German Blade 68140000, Blacktail Stag SGB German Blade 6530040 (3), Elk Hunter SGB German Blade 6816050 (3), Wildcat SGB German Blade 68163000, Skinner 11071/6393
  • Old Timer (Schrade) #152, 180T, 340T, Custom SHD-1 Stag Hunter
  • Brownings:  Model 600, 794 lil Bit Stag Folder, 843 SG Red/Black Fixed 322843, Model 65 (1 of 1500) Ltd Ed.
  • Wranglers:  Folding Stag Hunter 181087 (2), Stag Drop Pt. Hunter 0181089 (2), Stag Skinner 0181090 (7)
  • Cabela’s:  Traditional Hunting
  • Other Knives:  Tree Brand-Boker Larry Lairson Stag Fixed, Western Fixed, Western L28, Ginsu Gut Hook Hunting Fixed Blade, Mora Clipper 84 OMG, Boker Stag Fork/Knife Sets, Faberware Cleaver, Excalibur, Randall Model 26-4″, Steel Stag SS-7000 Gut Hook, Winchester Lock Blade, Case Muskrat SS 2 Blade, Case 225/SS Camo Pocket, Ed Jones Fixed Gut Hook.  Note:  Most knives have sheaths…many with boxes.

FIREARMS:  Please note that all firearm sales will adhere to The Gun Control Act (GCA) administered by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives and to stipulations of the Estate.  The following rules apply to the purchase of firearms:

  1. You must be a current resident in the State of Missouri and have a valid MO Drivers License.  Armed Forces members “permament duty” residency applies.  Residents outside the State of Missouri with a FFL (Federal Firearms License) must bring FFL and valid Drivers License.  
  2. You must be 18 years of age to purchase a Long Gun and 21 years of age to purchase a Pistol.   Current, valid MO Drivers License required for all purchases.  
  3. Article B5 of the GCA states nine (9) restrictions on certain persons who cannot legally receive of possess firearms and/or ammunition-Conviction of crime punishable by imprisonment exceeding 1 year, fugitive of justice, unlawful use of controlled substance, mental insanity, illegal alien, dishonorable discharge from the Armed Services, renounced Citizenship of the U.S., subject to certain court orders, convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence.  
  4. Summit Estate Sales, on behalf of the Estate, requires the Purchases to complete a Bill of Sale with copy of valid Driver’s License (and FFL for out-of-state residents) upon each Firearm purchase.   


  • Smith & Wesson REVOLVERS:  460 Mag, 38 Special Model 20, 357 Mag Model 65-2, 22LR Model 17-4 K-22 Masterpiece, 22 Mag Model 48-3 K-22 Masterpiece, 357 Mag Model 66-1 SS, 38 Special Model 36-1 Chiefs Special, 44 Rem Mag Model 29 Silhouette, 22 LR Model 63 22/32 Kit Gun, 22 Mag Model 651 Kit Gun, 22 Mag Model 650, 41 Rem Mag Model 57, 38 Special Model 60 38 Spl Chiefs, 357 Mag Model 19-4 357 Combat Mag.
  • Smith & Wesson SEMI AUTO:  9mm Model 469 Mini 3 1/2″ bbl, 9mm Model 39 Alloy Frame, AMT 22 Mag AutoMag II Semi-Auto, Fabrique Arms Belgium FN Baby Model Semi-Auto
  • Colt’s Mfg. Co. Inc.:  1910 25 Automatic, 32 ACP Model 1903 Pocket Semi-Auto, 22 Convertible-New Frontier Revolver, 357 Mag-Python Blue/Royal Blue Finish Revolver, 45 ACP-Commander Lightweight Series 80 Semi-Auto  
  • Heckler & Koch Semi-Autos-45 ACP-P9S, 380 ACP-HK4 380 ACP with 22 LR Conversion, 9mm-P7 PSP.
  • Phoenix Arms:  22 LR HP Model-HP Range Kit Semi-Auto
  • Sauer JP & Sohn:  38 Special Model 703-4 Medallions 
  • Sturm, Ruger & Co. Inc. REVOLVERS:  41 Rem Mag-Super BlackHawk Hunter Stainless, 44 Rem Mag-Super BlackHawk Hunter, 44 Rem Mag Super, 41 Rem Mag BlackHawk Single Action, 22 LR/Mag Single Six Convertible, 44 Rem Mag-Super BlackHawk, 22 LR/Mag-Super Single Six Convertible, 22 LR/Mag-Single Six Convertible, 17 HMR Single-Six Model 10661, 22 Single Six Mag Convertible New Model
  • Sturm, Ruger & Co. Inc. SEMI-AUTOS:  LC9 Compact 9mm, 22 LR Automatic
  • Walther 380 ACPO (9mm) Model PPK Semi-Auto
  • Taurus Int. Mfg.-PT 745C 45 ACP Millennium Pro
  • Kel-Tec Ruger 9mm Side Mt. Laser PF-9

RIFLES/SHOTGUNS:  MO Residents &  FFLs Only:  (to simplify listing SA=Slide Action, BA=Bolt Action, LA= Lever Action, R=Rifle, SG=Shotgun)

  • Beretta 20 ga Model A302 Semi-Auto SG
  • Brownings:  28 ga Model 12 Ltd Ed SA SG, 410 ga model 42 Ltd Ed SA SG, 20 ga model 12 Ltd Ed SA SG, 12 ga BT-99 Standard Trap Single Barrel SG, 20 ga Auto 5 Lightweight FN vent. rib SA SG, 300 Win Mag-FN high-power BA R, 300 Win Mag Hunter composit stalker BA R, 30-06 Hunter composit stalker BA R, 270 Win Hunter Model composit stalker BA R, 280 Rem Hunter Model composit stalker BA R, 25-06 Rem Hunter Model composit stalker BA R, 338 Win Mag Hunter Model composit stalker BA R,270 Win Hunter Model Stainless stalker BA R, 7mm Rem Mag Hunter Stainless stalker, 284 Win Hunter Model Micro Medallion BA R, 243 Win Hunter Model Micro Medallion BA R, 243 Win Hunter Model Micro Medallion BA R, 22-250 Rem Hunter Model Micro Medallion BA R, 375 H & H Hunter Model Medallion BA R, 44 Rem Mag B-92 Carbine B-92 Centennial LA R, 358 Win Model 81/BLR Short Action LA R, Bar Semi-Auto Grade II Semi-Auto R, Bar Semi-Auto Grade II LA R, Bar Semi-Auto Grade I R, Auto Rifle Grades I-VI Semi-Auto R, Auto Rifle Grades I-VI Semi-Auto R, 223 Rem Model 1885 Low Wall Single Shot R, 243 Win Model 1885 Low Wall Single Shot R, 25-06 REm Model 1885 High Wall Single Shot R, 270 Win Model 1885 High Wall Single Shot R
  • Colt’s Mfg. Co.:  30-06 Sprg Colt Sauer Rifle Spgfld (standard Action) BA R, 223 Rem-AR 15A2 Sporter II Semi-Auto R
  • Franchi, Luigi:  Falconet Field-Buckskin (light) Over/Under S, 48 AL Field Model Semi-Auto S
  • Ithaca Gun Co:  20 Ga-Model XL 900 Semi-Auto S
  • Iver Johnson Arms, Inc.:  Champion Boxlock Action S
  • Magnum Research Mpls Mn:  22 WMR Stainless Steel w/ Pine Ridge 4-12×44 Scope
  • Marlin Firearms Co:  Model 336C Carbine Lever Action R
  • Remington Arms Co:  700BDL 6mm Rem Custom Deluxe BA R, 700ADL 243 Win Deluxe BA R, 1100 12ga Magnum Duck gun Semi-Auto S, 220 Swift-700BDL Classic (LTD Ed) BA R, 17 Rem-700BDL Classic (Ltd Ed) BA R, 222 Rem Mag-700ADL Deluxe Rifle BA RRem 700 22-250 Rem BA R, Rem 243 Win Model 4 Semi Auto R, Rem Model 700 25-06 BA R w/ 6/18x Redfield Scope
  • Ruger (Newport NH): 22 LR 10/22 w/ BSA Sweet 22 6-18×40 Scope, 22 LR 10/22 w/ Burris 3x-9x Fullfield Scope, 22 LR Model 10/22 SA R, 22 LR Model 10/22 SA R, Model 10/22 Truglo Sight Akins Accelerator Pat. Composit Stock
  • Sig Sauer Inc.-Exeter NH:  SIG522 Semi-Auto Black Synthetic
  • Smith & Wesson M & P:  15-22 ca 22 LR HBx7439 Synthetic Frame Semi-Auto 
  • Sturm, Ruger, & Co. Inc.:  223 Rem-Mini-14 Ranch Semi-Auto R, 223 Rem-Mini 14 w/ Laminated Stock Semi-Auto R, 17 HMR Model 77/17 Oct bbl BA R, 22 LR-10/22 S S w/22″ bbl Semi-Auto R, 204 Ruger-R77R MKII Centerfire R, 17 HRM-model 77/17 All-Weather BA R, 17 HRM-10/22 Mag-17HRM Jarvis Semi-Auto R, Model 10/22 w/ 532 SMW on Scope 
  • Taurus International Mfg, Inc.:  17 HRM-Model 172 Rifle/Carbine SA R  
  • Weatherby:  300 Wby Mag-Mark V Deluxe BA R
  • Wild West Guns:  457 Mag-Alaskan Guide 457 Mag LA R
  • Wilkinson Arms:  9mm Para Carbine R
  • Winchester:  12ga Model 12 SA Pump S, 375 H & H Magnum Model 70 BA R, 12 ga model 1897 SA S, 12ga Model 101 Trap Variation Over/Under S, 12ga model 101 Single Barrel Trap Over/Under S, 22 S,L,LR Model 9422 Traditional Walnut Stock R, 284 Win-Model 100 Semi-Auto R, 22 LR Model 1885 Low Wall Grade 1 .22 LR Cal. Single Shot R, 22 LR Model 63 Super Speed Super X Semi-Auto R 

Don’t worry, the Reloading Equipment, Ammo, & Supplies, along with the Ammunition and Workshop full of Tools, will be in the Part II sale next week.  See you there! 

Wonderful Prairie Village Estate Sale-Western Collectibles & Art, Fine Furnishings, More!
Jul 20 @ 9:00 am – Jul 22 @ 4:00 pm

Mozey on over to this amazing Prairie Village estate sale on July 20th-22nd.  Western Collectibles & Artwork, Quality Furniture, Decor Accents, Glassware, and more!  Please be aware of oncoming traffic and pedestrians.  


Thursday             Full Price & Bids               9am-4pm

Friday                  25% Off & Bids                  9am-4pm

Saturday             50% Off                               9am-1:15

                              Close Down 

                              25% Off                              1:30-4pm

Welcome to the Wild & Woolly West!  Rustic selection of Western Collectibles, Artwork, and Primitives

  • Hardin Spear Blade with C.O.A.
  • Framed Historical Native American Relics
  • Framed Native American Indian arrowheads with thunderbird beadwork
  • Framed Native American Indian Relics-Navajo Artist with Certificate Stamp
  • Native American Beaded Collar with shells, Bauxite Bead (Trade Bead) Necklaces
  • Vintage Hand-Tooled Leather Western Saddle by Simco with wood stirrups, Saddle Rack
  • Very Vintage Leather Chaps (family history:  Chaps were given to father by Caroline Bancroft, a well-known Colorado Historian. Caroline’s father had graduated from Stanford University with future president Herbert Hoover and it was noted by Caroline that President Hoover wore them when he visited them.  Caroline had gifted them with several historical items)
  • Framed Andrew Johnson large Peace Coin on Necklace with leather beaded bag, Turquoise/Silver Bow Guard
  • Old Saddle Bags, Branding Irons
  • Stay Toasty Warm in these vintage furry Parkas from the Kronos Brothers Store in Alaska, Vintage hand-beaded Mukluks from Barrow, Alaska, and newer Mukluks

Western Artists

  • Southwestern Etched Black Signed Vases, Pottery Vases, Painted Gourds
  • “Territory Chief” by Harley Brown 
  • “Hayden Valley” by Ted Long
  • Watchful Stag by R. Johnson
  • “Hung Up in Cheyenne” by Robert “Shoofly” Shufelt Ltd Ed with Affidavit from Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum #26/450
  • Navajo Sand Painting “Yei” –”Navajo conclave of the Yei as intermediaries between man & gods.  They are represented as elongate straight body figure made for certain rituals belieced to aid in the treatment of an ailing member of the Tribes.  Jeanette Johnson Sheep Springs Tohatchi NM.  Pencil sketch of Native American by J. Sinderson
  • “Winter’s End” by Michael Atkinson with Limited Edition C.O.A. of #615/950 
  • Mosiac Tile Painting of SW Bowl by Begaye
  • Wyoming Centennial Stamped Limited Edition Print of “Autumn Magic” by Schwiering #183/950 Signed at bottom by the Five living Governors of Wyoming 
  • Framed Photo of “Campsite at Dawn” at C Lazy U Ranch in  Granby, CO signed by artist #10/30 

 More Collectibles

  • Vintage “Mystery Washer” (Cascade Specialty-Independence, KS) galvanized metal barrel-shaped Wash Tub on Stand with wood legs 
  • 3 Religious Icons with metal attachments and cutout designs 
  • Wallace Nutting Bridge Scene
  • Framed newspaper cutting of President Abraham Lincoln’s death
  • Art Nouveau Lady Table Lamp “Libellule” (Dragonfly)
  • Art Nouveau Lady Vase
  • Art Nouveau pair Lady Bookends, Ink Wells
  • Wright & McGill TrailMaster 4pc Fly Rod w/ Case, Fly Fisherman Area Rug
  • Wristwatch-Ladies Technocrat US D507-4965, Al Agnew Buck/Deer Pocket Watch
  • Franklin Mint 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar Collector Watch
  • Necklaces-Chaps-925-Tiffany
  • Kuddish Sterling Cups (2)
  • Shumate Gold Eagle Straight Razor
  • Russian Lacquer Figures-Ornaments-Egg
  • Antique Schrader Universal Tire Pressure Gauge
  • JC Penny Salesman Collectibles, Anniversary Mirror-even Penny’s Penquins Alaska Bowling Shirts
  • Pocket Knives-Vintage The Home Ins. Co, Shapleigh, Imperial, Colonial, Western
  • Cigarette Lighters-ZIPPO 2 w/ box), Salem, Winston, Camel, Elite, etc
  • Vintage Book Ends:  pair Football Players (art in motion for all you football fans-whatever your team!), Dogs, Indians, Horses
  • United Brass Horse Mantle Clock, Seth Thomas Wall Clock
  • Collectibles Books-Large Western Art Books (1972 & 1990 versions of Edward S. Curtis Portraits from North American Indian Life), Icons: Divine Beauty, Uncle Tom’s Cabin Memorial Edition, Free Steppin, Northern Lights, History of Escambia County, Alabama, Letters of a Woman Homesteader, Women’s Diaries of the Westward Journey, Hillerman County, History of Kansas, Medicine Bow Mining Camps, more
  • Union Stockyards of Omaha Adlake Switch Brass Lock with Key


  • 1945-47 High Standard Mfg Co. Model H-P Military 22 cal LR Pistol (with white Franzite Grip)-all ATF regulations will be observed
  • Black Leather Belt & Holster

Transportation Collectibles

  • Wells Fargo Coach Lantern
  • Union Pacific-Overland Pitcher, Butter Pat Plate
  • Union Pacific Measuring Tape by Lufkin Rule Co 
  • Colorado & Wyoming Railway Police #7 Badge
  • Union Pacific Paper Ephemera, painted UP Cigar Box

Quality Furniture

  • Cool Log Bed with metal Western motif of Bronco Buster on both head and foot boards from Wyoming with like-new Serta Killington Pillow Soft Mattress & Box Springs
  • Leather 3-cushion brown Sofa 
  • Vintage Church Pews (bench seating 48″, with carved outer arm rests 55″)
  • Henredon “Villandry” Armoire and 3-Drawer Chest
  • Beautiful Pair of French Provincial Side Chests with hand-painted floral embellishments from Jack Wills in Tulsa 
  • Vintage Chest with many shallow drawers and beadboard back (perfect to store Art, Paper Ephemera, Speciality Tools and Collectibles)
  • Vintage Chest with many shallow drawers (another great chest to store those delicate collectibles or tools)
  • White Wicker Furniture-Arm & Rocking Chairs, Side Table, Plant Stand, Foot Stool, Chest
  • Breakfast Nook glass-top round Table & 4 Cane & Wicker Captain Chairs
  • 3 Bar Chairs, 2 Bar Stools
  • Green WI Patio Table & 4 Chairs with Umbrella, Brown WI Bench & matching oval Coffee Table 
  • Office Armoire


  • Pair of Royal Bayreuth Vases with tranquil lake scenes with beautiful women and deer
  • Royal Bayreuth narrow tankard/pitcher with groom quieting white stallion with mare standing nearby
  • “Marquis by Waterford” crystal bowl
  • Waterford heavy tall Vase
  • Clear Iris & Herringbone Glass-Vases, Pitcher & Glasses, Cordials, Serving Bowls, Cups & Saucers, Dessert Plates & Berry Bowls, covered Butter Dish
  • Waterford Pewter Nativity Scene with glass Dome & wood Base
  • Marigold Butterfly & Berries footed Master Berry Bowl & 5 small bowls, Marigold Butterfly 3 Tumblers, pair Marigold Candlesticks
  • Pressed Glass Biscuit Jar with Lid & Double Handled and Cherry Motif
  • Gorgeous 4-pc set of elegantly tall crystal candlesticks
  • Lead Crystal Rose Bowl, heavy glass covered Candy/Cracker Jar
  • EAPG Westward Ho Pioneer Glassware-Several footed Covered Compotes, Pitchers, 
  • If you like Westward Ho, take a look at the Monterrey Western Ware branded drinking glasses & coffee mugs with matching leather holders, plus tin plates & cups
  • Sorelle pair of Angel Candlesticks-beautiful when the light shines on them

Decor Accents/Home Wares

  • Front-Loader Whirlpool “Duet” Washer & Dryer
  • Kenmore Washer & Dryer
  • Refrigerator
  • 33 Records-Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, Elvis Costello, Stevie Wonder, Aerosmith
  • Fitz & Floyd-adorable pair of rabbits holding hands around a tall vase, Bunny Cookie Jar
  • Bows & Arrows
  • Holiday & Seasonal Decor
  • Framed Prints, Frames, Prints  
  • Karastan Medallion Kirman Area Rug (4’3″ x 6′), Ivory Area Rug
  • Dyson Vacuums, Towels & Bedding 
  • Bushnell Binoculars with Digital Camera with 8x Magnification,  Crosley Radio/CD Player
  • American Titan Aluminum Folding Ladder Type I Model AT117
  • Fishing Rods & Reels
  • 1940s-50s Western Cowboy & Cowgirl Salt & Pepper
  • Bring out the inner Cowpoke in you!  Womens & Mens Fashion & Accessories
  • xBox 360 (no controllers), xBox Kinect Sports Season 2-unopened
  • and so much more not listed!

…Full House!  Please note house is occupied, shopping restricted to main floor, basement & garage.  Limited Entry will be observed when necessary.  We look forward to seeing you there!  

Man Cave in KC/Grandview-Automobiles 1936 V8 Ford Coupe, Saturn Vue SUV, Car Parts, Workshop Tools, Lawn Care
Mar 15 @ 10:00 am – Mar 17 @ 2:00 pm

Car Lover’s dream-a 1936 Ford V8 Coupe! Plus Car Parts, Workshop Tools, Lawn Mowers, Saturn 4-Door Vue, and more at this 3-Day Man Cave estate sale in South Kansas City on March 15th-17th.  Friday 10am-4pm, Saturday 10am-3pm, Sunday 10am-2pm.  

Automobiles:  Please note that silent bids will be accepted throughout sale.  Vehicles will be sold As Is.  No PreViews, PrePricing, or PreSales.

  • Awesome 1936 Ford V8 Coupe Car!  All Steel body, 5 Window Coupe, Small Block Chevy Engine, 4 Speed, Chrysler 8 3/4″ Rear End, Independent Front Suspension, Power Rack and Pinion Steering.  Beautiful Interior Upholstery, V8 Hubcaps (including on spare tire), Crank Out Windshield, Trunk still has original car jack!  
  • Saturn 4-Door Red Vue SUV Vehicle (as is)

Large selection of Car Parts & Car Equipment

  • Boxes of Car Parts with Emphasis on Mercedes Benz Parts
  • 2 Fenders 1965-73 Mercedes Benz 250-280-300 Models
  • Retro LadyBug Floor Mats
  • Hub Caps
  • Auto Tools, Car Jacks
  • Body Repair Jack
  • Battery Chargers
  • Vintage Car Grills
  • Mercedes Benz Wrenches for MB Car Trunks
  • Mercedes Benz Hood Ornaments
  • Variety of Trim Clips 
  • Fender Trim
  • Cases Oil Treatment, Oil Supplement, Radiator Sealant 
  • Auto Emblems-396 Turbo Jet Flags, Caprice, Bonneville, Hornet, Dodge Ram, Riviera, Oldsmobile, Cutlass, Ford Chrysler, Challenger, GMC, Diesel, Chevelle.  300SEL, 280 SEL/280E, 190E, 240D, 380SL, 420SE, 300TE, 450SL, 240D, 350SL, 380SE, 560SEL/560SL, 420SEL


  • Snap-On Large Tool Chest, Craftsman Tool Chest
  • Miller Millermatic 200 CV-DC Welding Power Source/Wire Feeder
  • Power Boss Generac Generator 5500 Watt Storm-Plus Power Surge-Alternator-8500 Surge Watts
  • Matco Tools Rolling Cart
  • Safety-Kleen Abrasives Center Cabinet
  • Safety-Kleen Abrasive Blaster
  • Drawers of Hand Tools
  • Wide Variety of Air & Electric Power Tools
  • Small Metal Lathe for 4″-6″ Chuck
  • Cummings Drill Press, 9″ Table Saw
  • Industrial Speedaire Air Compressor 
  • Black & Decker Power Miter Saw
  • Concrete Cement Power Saw 
  • Lincoln Electric Arc Welder AC 225amp
  • Paint Shakers
  • Freon, AC & Freon Gauges
  • Eagle II Spot Welder
  • Acetylene Torches but no tanks, Welding Masks
  • Chief Strong Arm Wrench
  • Milwaukee Saw Zaw
  • Porta Power

Lawn Care

  • New Troy-Bilt Riding Lawn Tractor
  • MTD Yard Machine Riding Lawn Mower 12.5 HP 38″ 
  • Yard Hand Tools, vintage Weed Eaters
  • Vintage over-shoulder Seeder
  • Wood Shark Poulan Chain Saw

More Great Stuff!

  • Fishing Poles/Rods & Reels
  • Tackle Boxes, Fishing Lures
  • Youth & Adult Archery Bows & Arrows
  • Card File Cabinets, Small Metal Cabinet
  • Vintage Farmhouse Screen Door
  • Camping Lantern
  • 2-Person Crosscut Saw for all my fellow Lumberjacks  “Oh, I’m a Lumberjack and I’m Okay…”
  • Retro 5 cent Beer Pocket Watch style wall Clock
  • Large selection of Golf Clubs, Several Golf Bags
  • Collection of Casino Chips
  • *For all you First Friday Flippers, just imagine what repurposing magic you can work on vintage car grills and cabinets…
Days of Yesteryear at Lee’s Summit Estate Sale-Coca Cola Machine, Vintage Collectibles, Primitives,Toys, Cement Mixer, Construction & Plumbing Tools & Supplies Click Here and Scroll Down for Details and Photos!
Apr 25 @ 10:00 am – Apr 28 @ 3:00 pm

Go back to the days of yesteryear at this fabulous Lee’s Summit Estate Sale on April 25th-28th.  Extraordinary accumulation-Coca Cola Machine, Farm Primitives, Chicken Feeder/Waterers, Vintage Collectibles, Paper Ephemera, Shop with so many Tools for Construction-Plumbing-Cement-Garage(even a Cement Mixer & Flatbed Trailer) …well, let’s just say there will be plenty of layers to explore!  Limited Entry will be Observed.  Scroll down to view our ever expanding photo gallery!  

Vintage Coca-Cola Vendo 23 Spin Top Machine for 8 oz Coke glass bottles.  Model # A23B5K, Serial # A20411017-1  What a great fine for your man cave!  Your guests can help themselves (for only 1 thin dime) to a variety of liquid refreshment-so Imagine making back the money you lost to your poker buddies coming back to you in dimes!  I believe this machine is the Deluxe version as it features a chrome knob (similar to a lemon juicer) that turned the spin lid after you deposited your coin.  Marked with “Coca Cola” and “Have A Coke” lettering.  Lower storage area for your empties-there is even a case of empty bottles to get you started!  

Coke Collectibles:

  • 1950s Red “Drink Coca-Cola Sign of Good Taste” Advertising 16″ Button Sign
  • Vintage aluminum 6-bottle carrier, Bottle Openers, Ink Blotter
  • 1958 Fishtail Robertson Coca-Cola erasable Sign Fishing Drink Tray
  • Royals 1985 Championship Bottle, 
  • Stand-Up Coca-Cola Christmas Santas-Santa, Santa with Elves, Santa & Dog
  • Coca Cola cases with empty bottles

“Drink Cleo Cola For Goodness Sake”  Cleo Cola large empty advertising storage drum for their concentrated syrup “A Delicious Concoction of pure caramel color, Kola nut flavor, fruit flavors, Caffeine, Spices” sounds yummy 

Vintage Pottery Crock Items from the Farm! 

  • Jugs, Pitchers, Mixing & Nesting Bowls
  • Brown Butter Churn with Lid & Dasher
  • Stoneware Crock Canning Jar (Bail Lids & Screw Tops), more 


  • “Stone Mason Fruit Jar” Red Wing, Minn
  • “Wyandotte Commission Co. Buys Poultry Kansas City, KS” crock Chicken Waterer
  • “WESTKO BUTTER MILK FEEDER and POULTRY WATERER.  This Fountain is made for a Butter Milk Feeder or Waterer.  Acid in Butter Milk will not effect the glazing, therefore no Poultry will be POISONED.  Always Sanitary” crock bird feeder/waterer
  • “Blue Band Sanitary Poultry Buttermilk Feeder Non-Corrosive” chicken feeder

Vintage Kitchenware Galore! 

  • Local Kansas City Area Milk Bottles (Country Club Dairy, Roberts, Meyers, Allvine)
  • Wood Kitchenware (bowls, spoons, rolling pins, scoop, pestle, butter paddle)
  • Red Handle Kitchen Utensils, Cheery Milkglass Egg Cups, Red Juice Glasses
  • Old Advertising Lard, Sorgham, and Pork Brains Containers
  • Vintage Pyrex “Colonial Mist” Cinderella Nesting Bowls Set 

Where else are you going to find a “From the Rexall Store”  Apothecary Medicine Leech Fish Bowl?  In the 1930s-40s your local Rexall Pharmacy could sell you an old school homeopathic remedy-Leeches!  This bowl was used transport them to apply in the privacy of your own home.  Could also serve as a candy dish for your guests-great conversation starter.

Vintage Collectibles & Primitives Galore!

  • Laundry Items-galvanized Family Mop Wringer, old Oxodol Soap adv crate board, boxes of cleaning detergent (Oxydol, Dexol, Bab-O), box wood clothes line pins, Kurly Kate scrubber, more
  • Vintage Figural Wall String Holders
  • Vintage wood boxes from Cheese to Ammunition
  • Old Sleds, Child’s Pull Sleigh, Flexible Flyer blue metal Saucer Sled with decal
  • Straight Razors, Barber Items
  • Dick Tracy Big Little Books (1935 Larceny Lu, 1936 Chains of Crime, Yogee Yamma, 1967 Encounters Facey), 1970s Comic Books
  • “Coal Is Cash-Will Win the War” framed war rationing sign

Vintage Kids Toys!  Walt Disney Productions Mickey Mouse Activity Blackboard Easel, old Game Boards, Card Games, Marbles, Gumball Machine, Spinning Top, Cass Knee Action Rol-A Way Flatbed Semi Log Truck, Wyandotte Auto Transport Car Carrier Truck, Children’s Wheel Barrow, Raggedy Ann & Andy, Checkers, Dominos, much more

Vintage Pottery & Glassware:

  • Vintage Rubber Tire Advertising Ash Trays (many with their original advertising glass trays), Including 1935 CALIFORNIA PACIFIC International Exposition World’s Fair Firestone embossed marigold ash tray & Firestone Tire 
  • Homer Laughlin marked WW (William Wells) Blue Ball Pitcher
  • Turquoise FIESTA-Water Pitcher, Cream & Sugar w/ Tray

TOOLS!  From Practical New to Classic Collectible:

  • Construction–Plumbing-Concrete-Garage Tools & Equipment 
  • Hardware & Supplies for Construction & Plumbing
  • Tool Boxes, Military Ammo Cases
  • Vintage Wood Plug Tool, other tools from the Past
  • Old Mobil & MFA 5 gal Oil Cans, Phillips 66 Trop-Artic Motor Oil protective garage guard
  • NIB Ashcroft Durogauges, Vacuum Pressure Gauge, Motor Analyzer (by T & H Mfg Co-KCMO), Union Carbide Welding Gauges
  • Vintage wood truck dollys, Wagon Wheels, old Pulleys & Hardware

CEMENT MIXER-Cement Mixer on wheels 

 FLATBED TRAILER:  Single Axle homemade light duty Trailer with All Steel Body (No Title)-perfect for transporting lawn mowers.

Decor & Home Wares:

  • Collector Circus Plates with Certificates
  • Variety of Snow People, Christmas Decor
  • Office Supplies, L-Shape Office Desk
  • Lots of Advertising Ball Caps

…So much more not listed, Scroll down to view photo gallery!


Thursday            9am-4pm          Full Price & Bids

Friday                 9am-3pm          25% Off & Bids

Saturday            9am-3pm          50% Off

Sunday               10am-3pm        66% Off

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