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Worlds of Fun at Kansas City Man Cave-Motorcycle Trike, Bike Parts, Firearms, Reloading/Ammo, Vintage Toys/Collectibles! Click Here for Details & Photos!

June 7, 2019 @ 10:00 am – June 9, 2019 @ 2:00 pm

Man Cave features Honda Motorcycle Trike, Firearms, Reloading Equipment, Vintage Boy Toys at this Kansas City Estate Sale on June 7th-9th.  Please note that Motorcycle & Firearms will not be on site until day of sale.  Sale Hours:  Fri.-Sat. 9am-3pm, Sun. 10am-2pm.  

1999 Honda Valkerie MOTORCYCLE TRIKE (Will not be on site until day of sale)  This 1999 Honda Valkerie has approx. 42,000 miles, Hunter Green, and includes Factory CB Radio, Tour Box Modifications Kit, Blue Screen Trike Kit (Independent Rear Suspension), Covers, Helmet.  Titled as a 2-Wheel with no title challenges.  This is a Roadsmith Conversion.  It features Independent Rear Suspension; not a solid straigjht axle.  The conversion features brake calipers and pads from VW Beetles; so parts should never be a problem.  The Bike comes with the following extras:  Front End has “Easy Steer” installed, a factory service manual for the Valkyrie, a full bike cover as well as a “Half Cover”, factory AM/FM/Intercom system, also included but not installed is factory C/B, included but not installed is a chromed accessory from Roadsmith designed to move the Tour Box (Truck) up and back 4″ to make more room for a passenger (600.00 cost).  The bike is heavily chromed and has won local competitions.  A rear wheel, brake, shocks, and swing-arm from a two-wheeled Valkyrie is available allowing conversion back to two-wheeler.  Come out and take a look at this beauty!   

Firearms (please note that No Firearms will be on site until day of sale)  All ATF sale regulations will be followed (no exceptions).  Gun sales can only be for MO residents with driver’s license or Federal License Holders with FFL and driver’s license.  Owner required to be present for completion of transaction which may need to be scheduled to finalize transfer of firearms.  Please note that owner has made changes to sales list:  the Erma EP-22 .22 cal & Walther Pre-War .25 Auto have been removed from sale due to safety/liability concerns.  

  • Beretta 1201-P Shotgun-12 ga Police Riot gun, cyl. bore, w/ extra pistol-grip stock, original stock in factory box w/ paperwork.  Rifle sights, NO plug Ser. #A14787L
  • Handguns:
    • Smith & Wesson M-25 Caliber 45 ACP, 6 & 1/2 in. bbl. Mfd. in 1973.  Last year for 6 & 1/2 inch bbls.  45 Caliber version of Dirty Harry’s 44 Mag. Discontinued.  Moon Clips included, Extra grips, w/ box Ser #N301043
    • S & W M-686 Caliber .357 Magnum, 4 in. bbl. U.S. Customs model overrun Matte finish, Rd butt. w/ box Ser #AWT2539
    • S & W M-342PD, caliber 38 Spec. 2 in. bbl. Scandium “J” Frame.  Super light carry gun.  Crimson Trace Laser (red) grips, original rubber grips in box.  Ser #CEE8210
    • Glock 34, 9MM long-slide.  Brand-new gun, test fired only.  Long Barrel target in box w/ 3 mags, extra backstraps and all factory papers.  As New  Ser #ZMR321
    • KAHR CW45, .45 ACP D/A only.  Fits Glock 19/23 Holsters.  w/ 4 mags, holsters, box.  Ser #SD1463
    • S & W SD40 VE, .40 Caliber D/A only.  Nice gun for Security Guard, etc.  In “as-new” condition, w/ 3 hi-cap magazines, holster.  Ser #HEW4881
    • KEL-TEC P-32, .32 Caliber Pocket Pistol.  A brand-new gun test-fired only.  Includes extra extended magazine, In Box, w/ Manual.  Ser #DB087
    • COLT 1860 ARMY (Black Powder) w/ Fluted Cylinder.  A black powder gun manufactured BY COLT in 1980′s (NOT an Italian copy!)  Has been fired, needs one nipple for cylinder. Also called Signature Series.  Sold w/ box & paperwork.  Ser #219703
    • Ruger MK-II .22 Cal Target Gun-Stainless Steel, Long Slab-Side Barrel, Volquartson Trigger, Mounted w/ Red-Dot Sight, Box & Paperwork, plus Carrying Case to fit gun w/ scope


  • Cased Ammo-PMC 40 cal Ball Ammo 1 Case (1000 rds), Speer .40 cal Gold Dot 165 gr. JHP 1 case (500 rds), Federal .45 ACP Ball 1 case (1000 rds), Remington 22 Thunderbolt 1 Ctn (500 rds), American Eagle .22 l.r. 2 ctnw (1000 rds)
  • Shotgun Ammo-Numerous rds of loos and boxed 12 ga, Buckshot & Slug ammo (various brands)
  • Boxed Ammo-Numerous boxes of JHP, Ball, and factory lead rds in 38, .40 and .45 calibers (approx 25 boxes)
  • More

RELOADING Equipment, Supplies, Components

  • Two Dillon Presses
  • G-7 Die Sets
  • 15 Bullet Molds
  • Luber sizes fan process lead bullets
  • Luber sizes Heater
  • 100 lbs Lead
  • 1-2000 Lead Cast Commercially Load Lead Bullets Plated Bullets
  • Brass Casings-20,000 Rounds, Etc
  • Reloads-boxed 38′s 350 rds, 1 czn 38 spec lead bullet reloads (approx 700 rds), 1 can .357 Mag reloads (approx 900 rds), 2 cans 45 ACP RNL reloads (approx 650 rds), 1 can 45 ACP LSWC reloads (approx 350 rds)
  • Approx. 3000 Large Pistol Primers, approx. 2000 Small Pistol Primers
  • Several thousand commercial lead and plated lead pistol bullets in 38, 40, and 45 calibers
  • Several hundred hand cast lead bullets in 38, 40, and 45 calibers
  • Approx 100 cast lead 44 cal black powder balls & patches for 44 cal
  • Approx 100 lbs lead for casting bullets
  • Several can, smokeless powders
  • More

Hunting/Sportsman Supplies

  • Large Liberty Gun Safe
  • Holsters
  • Speed Loaders
  • Extra Mags
  • Shooting Gear
  • Targets
  • Hunting-Gun Books/Paper
  • 50 Sets Pistol Grips
  • Nunchucks
  • Monadnook Police Baton


  • Vintage Pedal Car
  • Vintage Wind-Up Tin Toys
    • Vintage Tin Toy Wyandotte WY-650 Roadster Car
    • Chrysler Convertible w/ Articulated Top
    • E12 Marx tin Mechanical Toy Tank
    • G.I. Joe & his Jouncing Jeep-Unique Art Mfg Co WWII era
  • 1949 Bing Crosby Junior Juke Box Turntable
  • 1950 Bendix tube Radio on drop-leaf side table-looks like a 2-drawer side table, but has no drawers.  You see 4 knobs that look like drawer pulls:  the top knobs are dummies and don’t do anything but the bottom knob on left is on/off and volume and right is tuning.  When you turn the set on, you get a red colored dial glowing between the two top knobs.  This is a type type am only radio manufactured in 1950.  It takes a short while to warm up before producing sound.  Wonderful treasure from the ’50s.
  • Majestic M-200 tube Radio
  • Antique Tigerstripe Oak Dresser w/ Mirror
  • WWII Book Set, 1943 Pica Pilot A & M Training Class book
  • WWII 504th Bombardment Group Diary Record & Portfolio
  • Roadside/Transportation Collectibles including Easy Rider & other cutout art & magazine prints
  • Death on the Highway-Suicide Club Booklet
  • Secret Agent RU12 License Plate, Blues Brothers License Plate
  • 1960s-80s Revell-AMT-Etc Models Built & Unbuilt Entrex (Battleground Series)
  • 1960s-70s Rock LPs Records
  • Fabulous Flamingo Casino Hotel Room Key Fob

Motorcycle Parts/Workshop/Tools

  • Motorcycle Parts-most Valkyrie, some Gold Wing & Shadow
  • Pit Bull Motorcycle Lift, additional Motorcycle Lift
  • VW Tent (for VW AutoTent) Fits 1970 VW Camper Van
  • Tool Chests (good heavy solid Montgomery Wards Chest on Chest) 
  • Coleman PowerMate 10hp Generator
  • Hand Tools

Household Items

  • Bibles-including 1830 Holy Bible Original Tongues
  • Appliances-Amana Washing Machine, Asko 7005 Dryer (Sweden), Refrigerator, Chest Freezer
  • Pair Recliners
  • Men’s Clothing (Jeans, Theme Shirts, Suits)
  • Kitchen Tabletop Appliances
  • Dyson Vacuum
  • 15 Hospital Storage Cabinets
  • Area Rugs
  • ZD Graphics Karaoke Player
  • Bedroom Furniture-Dresser w/ Trifold Mirror, Chests of Drawers, Full Size Bed with lots of storage underneath
  • Blackhawk Cabinets (great for storing all those items you need easy access to but don’t have the floor space for traditional shelves
  • Office Furniture
  • Lots of Books-from gun safety to mystery/suspense
  • King Waterbed Frame with huge amount of storage underneath
  • 6′ Framed Mirror-beautiful for hallway
  • Additional Details and photos will be posted closer to date, so stay tuned!



Terms and Conditions: Summit Estate Sales does not provide movers or packers. All items must be removed from premise by end of sale. Summit Estate Sales is not responsible for any accidents, liabilities, or claims. Children must be accompanied by guardian. You break it, you buy it. No large bags or purses. Forms of payment accepted are Cash, Checks, and Debit/Credit Cards with photo ID (Mastercard, Visa, or Discover with $20 minimum purchase). No PreViews, No PreSales, No PrePricing. Summit Estate Sales reserves the right to Limit Entry when deemed neccessary. Statements made day of sale take precedence over printed advertisements. The Green Team appreciate your patronage, and look forward to seeing you there!

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